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your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

your business hype girls

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We are your hype girls.  

We see your business for what it is, the best parts.

Whether you are established in your industry or just starting out, we have the ideas and expertise to realize all of your marketing goals. We get to know you and your business on a personal basis, enabling you to represent it in a professional way that reflects your brand values and brings in your dream clients.  
When you work with C+C, you are able to curate your own experience. We work with our clients to personally design a plan and products to fit their own specific needs. This is not a one-size fits all marketing plan, instead we offer a boutique experience that allows you to pick only the products that suits your business and bring you in touch with your ideal clients.  
We understand that self-promotion can be one of the hardest things for a lot of business owners, even when they whole-heartedly believe in their business. This is why we’re here; to show you what can be achieved through consistency and by giving you the right tools to connect with your ideal customers.


Graphic Design





Web Design

Social Media


Our in-house certified graphic designer can offer custom graphics for any business in any industry. We offer a personalized experience in order to provide you and your business with original designs that are curated solely for you.

Interested in implementing a blog for your business but not comfortable writing or just simply don’t have time? We can help with that too! Using your brand voice and keywords, we can write blog posts of any length to help bring more traffic to you and your website.

Whether a simple head shot for your website or product photos for a marketing campaign and everything in between, our professional photographer can make you and your products look their absolute best. Her professional eye and attention to detail is unmatched and can deliver any style or tone to portray your desired message.

We get to know your business inside and out to optimize copy across any and all your marketing platforms. From your website to a monthly newsletter, we will provide copy in your brand voice and create a familiarity and authenticity your customers can know and trust.

Branding is so much more than just your logo. We create mood boards with custom colours and designs to deliver tailor-made brand designs and font palates that create a cohesiveness across all your marketing and social media platforms.

Our in-house web designer with her decades long experience, will bring a custom page to life for your business. We will incorporate all your branding and original colouring along with custom tailored copy that is designed utilizing your personalized brand voice.

More than just posting. We take into consideration the needs of social media algorithms plus the exact needs of your brand to optimize social media and bring you and your ideal customers together. We can create content tailored for your business…no cookie cutter templates.

The Team

Your hype girls

C&C was conceptualized in 2019 and has grown into what it is today to offer specific marketing solutions to all of its clients. We have grown from a small online based business to an in-house firm that offers specialized services in the areas of marketing, graphic design, social media management, and copywriting.







Strategic Director







graphic + web designer

business coach


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